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  September 26, 1988 Another Sun Also Rises Over Unix Developers With Release of Sun 386i

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Developers Find Plenty to Like in Sun's 386i Workstation


      A workstation-in-a-box for the serious Unix developer or power LAN user.

It has a few shortcomings: The keyboard isn't up to par; the mouse has too many buttons, and the SNAP system administration software needs some work.

Otherwise, the Sun 386i elegantly meets the needs of technical developers and CAD/CAM jockies. The 386i also provides a reliable way to multitask DOS applications.

Price: $7,990 for the monochrome version with 15-inch, 1,152-by-900 pixel monitor, 4M bytes memory, 80387 math coprocessor, 4-slot AT-style bus and 3 1/2-inch, 1.44M-byte floppy drive; $10,990 for color version with 91M-byte hard drive.

Reviewed by Emily Berk and Joseph Devlin

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