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A Year as President of the Coastside Mothers Club


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Mentoring Opportunity at New Intel Computer Clubhouse at Moonridge Do you have a genuine interest in technology and in helping young people discover their hidden talents and potential? The brand new Intel Computer Clubhouse of the Peninsula Family YMCA at Moonridge needs you!
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One of my favorite duties as president of the Coastside Mothers' Club is to write the greeting for our monthly newsletter. Reading these gives you a feel for the activities in which club members participate and the concerns we share.
--Emily Berk
March: In A Pinch
April: Changing Lightbulbs
May: Kosovo
June: The Unseen World
July: Our Community
August: The Parade
September: Super Moms
October: Change Happens
November: Where Everybody
Knows Your Name

December: The End of My Watch

March: In A Pinch

My favorite English teacher used to say, much too cheerfully, "Everything's an experience. If you fall out of a tree and break your arm, it's an experience." Many of us experienced the stormy days of early February at home with the flu and our tired, sick children. The good news is, we're now immune to this particular awful bug, and, hopefully, are recovered now that the rain is ending. If so, please join us for adult conversation and great food at the Coastside Mothers' Club's seventh anniversary celebration on March 4. As usual, childcare will be available.

But say you're still so dizzy from stomache flu that you're afraid to drive yourself to the doctor. You husband's on a business trip; your best friend's line is busy. Who you gonna call? The Mothers' Club's In-A-Pinch Coordinator, silly. See inside for more information about some of our in-a-pinch services. If what you're experiencing is the need for help, don't be shy, give Pat a call.

Thanks to Chris Bazzill, who has re-upped as our Weekday Outings Coordinator and to Sue Stillwell, who re-upped as Weekend Outings Coordinator. They've got some wonderful ideas for trips and for coordinating trips. Try going on a Mothers' Club trip; it's likely to be a wonderful experience.

And, speaking of experiences.... CMC offers you the experience of a lifetime -- the opportunity to learn from the best. Ruthie and Grace make creating the Mothers' Club newsletter look easy, but we know it's not. We are still (desperately) seeking the perfect newsletter coordinator(s). If you have literary ambition but need deadlines to keep you motivated, give Ruthie or Grace or me a call!

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For more information about the Coastside Mothers Club, write to: Coastside Mothers Club, P.O. Box 331, El Granada, CA 94018 or, Send us email
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