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2002 Coastside Preschool Directory
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The contents of the events listing are no longer being updated on this site.

Fall 2001 Member Survey Results

The goal of this survey was to have members provide feedback on what the club is doing, and the results below show what members feel is most important to them. The response rate was 26% of the total membership. Respondents were asked to rate nine topics as Important, Neutral or Not important. The topics are listed below along with the percentage of members who consider them Important.
Topic% of members who consider them important
Listing of local resources for parents and children 66%
Parent & kids drop-in activities/ playgroups 54%
Support of community issues affecting children53%
Parent & kids local parties47%
Informational meetings for parents43%
Mom's social events43%
Parents & kids local outings38%
Parents & kids community volunteering36%
Parents & kids outings over the hill14%

Additional member feedback

The Board is reviewing this feedback to determine how best to meet membersŐ needs in the coming year.

A note about etiquette

You may not always realize it, but we, as a board, are looking out for you! There are certain "courtesies" that we observe to ensure that all members feel welcome, respected and valued. For example, on occasion we have debated the issue of what may or may not be appropriate material for the CMC newsletter. We have tried to avoid matters that may seem too one-sided or too political, so as to avoid giving the impression that we are speaking for the entire club. In essence, we try to be respectful of the fact that other members may have a different opinion.

Likewise, it is the responsibility of the membership to observe certain "courtesies". Individual members, when expressing an opinion, should not speak for the entire Coastside Mothers' Club. A certain opinion may be shared within a playgroup, but that playgroup is not necessarily representative of the 160 members in this club. This is especially significant when a member is out in the community, expressing a negative opinion as if the CMC stands behind that opinion. This is inappropriate and disrespectful to our fellow members. It can be damaging to the club's image as well. The CMC has a positive image in the community and it would be beneficial for us to maintain that image. We hope that our fellow members are in agreement and find no offense in observing this simple club etiquette. Thank you.

January Get-Together


We had a tremendous turnout for our meeting with speaker K. She covered four main points in reading development, noting the first two are especially important in learning reading comprehension and the second two in learning to read and write.

  1. Oral language, reading to children daily and finding meaning through talking.
  2. Concepts about print, helping children learn to see words in context (for example, a stop sign), in the world of print that surrounds them.
  3. Phonologic awareness, exposing children to the sounds of a language through conversation, singing, listening, and reading.
  4. Alphabetic knowledge, connecting the spoken and written words, identifying the sounds of the letters, and beginning writing skills.
Kathi addressed the variety of ways parents can help foster reading development. Taking time to read daily to your child is by far one of the most important things we can do. Also, taking trips to the local library, keeping books and writing supplies available, singing songs together, co-writing, or taking dictation from your child, promoting listening skills, and letting your child see you read and write are all strategies for reading success.

The topic of kindergarten readiness and assessment created a highly interactive and meaningful discussion with the group. Parents are deeply concerned about preparing their children for school and finding a school program that best fits their children's developmental needs. Thank you to Kathi Baxter and everyone who participated in this discussion and we look forward to extending some of the topics at our February roundtable on local schools.


September Member-Get-Together

What a wonderful turnout and interactive discussion we had on positive discipline with L. our presenter!

Lisa focused the workshop on limit setting as one method of discipline. Limit setting is the single most important positive thing we can do for our children by confining choices that later opens up future possibilities for them. Setting limits vary depending upon the family, child, and age appropriateness.

Lisa emphasized three steps in helping our children:

  1. State or define the behavior that you do or do not want,
  2. Provide the child with choices,
  3. Set up consequences if stated behavior continues or fails to occur.
There are both natural and logical consequences; the natural ones usually involve health or safety issues while the logical consequences can be more complicated since they need to be directly related to the behavior.

When setting limits:

  • Be consistent,
  • Follow through,
  • Realize children need repetition,
  • Stay calm, and
  • Be simple.
There are often barriers that make limit setting challenging, such as the current state of the child and you (hunger, tiredness, emotional level), public settings, lack of consistency between caregivers, and failure to set logical consequences. Strategies for turning negative situations into positive ones include:
  • Providing children choices,
  • "You can" giving them a chance to respond,
  • Validating feelings first,
  • Remembering the child's age, and
  • Giving yourself a break.
Lisa emphasized that when nothing seems to work we need to remember that changing some behaviors is a long-term endeavor and that we need to pick and choose our battles. There were lots of parents who were willing to share their challenges in limit setting and we had a very lively and meaningful open forum. Thank you Lisa for your helpful strategies and advice!

August Weekday Outing

MANY, many apologies to all who may have ventured out to La Honda in August for the swimming outing. Although the sun was shining while fog hung over HMB, the pool was closed due to technical/mechanical (?) difficulties. (Unfortunately, this turn of events must have happened sometime After the activity was planned & printed up in the newsletter.)

August Member-Get-Together

Here are some highlights and a recommended "parenting book" list (there was lots of great information and I'm sure I didn't get it all) from the August 2nd "round table" member get-together. We talked about general discipline issues, hitting/biting, and separation anxiety. The consensus in our group was that the behavior of our children (positive and negative) is often centered around their desire for our attention.

General discipline:

  • Try putting Mommy in a time out; if safe and practical to do so (removes your attention)
  • Try putting the object of desire, or what they were playing with when the behavior occurred in a time out (again, takes attention away from child).
  • Rather than using 1, 2, 3 counting and then taking away something one innovative Mom gives her daughter a magnet (in the shape of a whale cut into 5 pieces) each morning and takes away 1 piece whenever she needs to discipline her. If her daughter loses all 5 pieces she needs to call a relative and explain why her whale is gone. If she has pieces left at the end of the day she gets a reward of extra hugs/kisses. Mom reports that giving something for nothing is the key here and that her daughter rarely loses all 5 pieces
  • Consider hunger or tiredness as a reason for negative behavior. I once read (can't recall where) that 80% of negative behavior is due to hunger/low blood sugar. Offer children healthy snacks often (but remember to let them choose what and how much to eat and I don't recommend using food, giving or taking it away, as a reward of punishment)
  • Choose your battles (let the small stuff go) and let children experience the reasonable consequences of their actions (examples: if they don't want to put on a coat/shoes they may get cold, or if you stop reminding about homework/backpacks they may forget it.)
  • Biting:
    • Rather than responding to the "biter", give all attention to the victim. Go as far as turning your back on the "biter" and taking the victim in the other room for a special activity with you
    • Handle biting the same way you handle any aggressive act such as hitting, pushing, etc. This may help decrease parents over reaction to biting.
    • Have the "biter" put a bandaid on the bite site of the victim and have them offer care, and sympathy so they understand that it hurts.
  • Separation Anxiety:
    • Always let the child know you are leaving and that you will be back
    • Upon returning remind your child that you came back (kept your word)
    • If possible show the child where you will be (suggested at in gym daycare areas)
    • Leave something with the child, such as car keys (also suggested when you will be in the same facility but out of site such as the gym)
    • Set a timer, or give the child a watch with a timer that will beep when you are going to return
    • Let children express their feelings (fear of separation) without trying to make it right or give advice..listen!
  • Book List:
    • How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber
    • Without Spanking or Spoiling: A Practical Approach to Toddler and Preschool Guidance by Elizabeth Crary
    • Kids are Worth It!: Giving Your Child the Gift of Inner Discipline by Barbara Coloroso
    • Parenting With Love and Logic: Teaching Children Responsibility by Jim Fay and Foster W. Cline, M.D.
    • 10 Most Common Mistakes Good Parents Make and How to Avoid Them by Kevin Steede, Ph.D.
    • Girlfriends Guide to Toddlers by Vicky Iovine

July Weekday Outing

A large contingent of CMC moms and kids descended upon the Rinconada Park and Pool in Palo Alto on July 18th, making this event one of the most well-attended weekday outings of the year. It's easy to understand the appeal of the place. The weather in Palo Alto is pleasantly warm and the facilities are clean and well-maintained. If you have never been to this pool, I highly recommend it. While the smaller pool at the park is called a wading pool, don't let the name fool you. This flower-shaped pool is really quite large and comes with many bells and whistles that the kids loved, including a waterfall, several ride-on animals and a slide. We were sure to arrive early (pool opens at noon) in order to find tables in the area where eating is allowed. I learned the hard way about the swimsuit rule--you must wear one if you are to enter the water at all (no shorts, even if you just plan to walk along in the shallow area with a toddler). Don't forget to check out the two playgrounds adjacent to the pool. They're terrific as well. If you have older children who plan to swim in the larger pool next door, make sure you call ahead as the hours are different.

Outing Idea

Last Wednesday, our playgroup paid a visit to the Long Marine Lab at Seymore Center in Santa Cruz. Located next to Natural Bridges State Park, this lab has beautiful aquariums as well as touch tanks filled with starfish, hermit crabs and sea anemones. Kids under 5 are free and adults are $5 to get in. A great way to spend an afternoon. Check it out one day!

June Weekday Outing

The berries were perfectly ripe for picking on our late June afternoon outing. A group of CMC kids and moms spread out among the ollalieberry bushes and strawberry plants and picked bags and buckets full. We also had a great time visiting the pigs, goats, ducks, roosters, bunnies and birds, playing on the farm machinery, and picnicking on the grounds. Thanks to all who attended.

June Member Get-Together: Bowling

We went bowling! Well it may have been a very small get together at the Sea Bowl, but that didn't stop us from having a good time. A little conversation with other adults and the excitement of rolling that ball down the lane. Will it make it down the lane? or just roll into the gutter? It always seems to help just a little to stand there as you watch your ball and motion with your hands hoping it will knock over that last pin left standing. Or maybe not. None the less a good sense of humor, a decent ball, and some nice people to talk too is all it takes to have a good time bowling. And we did!

May Weekday Outing

Sunshine, fresh air and tranquility were the hallmarks of last month's weekday outing, a short but very enjoyable hike on the Burleigh Murray Trail. A group of ten moms and kids made the two-mile, round trip trek to the old Mills Barn, an 1860's-era dairy that is the focal point of Burleigh Murray State Park. We stopped for a snack near the barn and enjoyed reading the informative displays that describe early ranch life in this area. We were amazed that such a historical treasure exists so close to town and several of us were anxious to return again after tick season to explore around the barn and other buildings on the property. (The barn is in a fragile state and is not safe to enter). This was a perfect short hike--just strenuous enough to get your heart rate up, but not too difficult to carry a child in a backpack or push a stroller. The location, just a couple of miles out Higgins Canyon Road, was also ideal. It took just a few minutes to get there, but as soon as we started out on the trailhead and felt the sun on our backs, the dirty dishes seemed miles away.

As a side note: Some CMC moms have expressed an interest in forming a hiking group/club. If you are interested, submit your name to the newsletter and it will be placed under the new "Club Corner" section, where other interested moms can connect with you.


May Member Get-Together

Not only did Stephanie Taylor, CPT speak to us about body mechanics, stretching and strengthening at our May member get-together, she had us up and exercising! Stephanie, a local Mom, began with an open forum discussion about what it is to be a Mom. Then we discussed posture and how our center of gravity changes when we are pregnant. (You could see all of us sit up just a little straighter during this part of the meeting.) Stephanie demonstrated, and had all of us try, proper body mechanics for everyday activities such as straight back bends (changing diapers), lifting (into crib/bed), push/pull (stroller), carrying (car seat, diaper bag) and getting up and down from the floor. Next she discussed stretching, and recommended that we learn form someone who knows how to teach you and your kids how to stretch. Strengthening is also important, and Stephanie emphasized that a calisthenics program doesn't have to be long to be effective, but it must be something that you like to do. Thank you again to Stephanie for an informative and fun meeting.

April's New (and not so New) Member Tea

Seven CMC members CMC enjoyed the opportunity to meet and mingle at the new (and not-so-new) members' tea at Denise Phillips' house in April. New members Mary Wilmes and son Matthew, Karen Colucci and daughter Makenna, Sherri Santos and son Tomas and Lia Williams and son Mitch got to meet each other as well as not-so-new members Amy Krukewitt and daughter Mia, Denise Ausley and daughter Madison and Denise Phillips and twins Zoe and Alexander. The weather was beautiful so the older kids played outside in the sandbox and on the slides while the younger ones hung out inside. There were goodies for everyone to eat as well. If you are a new member, or even a not-so-new member, please come to the next new member tea. We would love to meet you!

April Weekday Outing

by M.

Thanks to John Draper, Assistant Harbormaster at Pillar Point Harbor in El Granada, a group of a dozen moms and kids enjoyed a fun and informative tour of the Harbor. The tour started auspiciously with a friendly greeting from a seal as we proceeded on board the official Harbor Patrol boat. There, we learned about the duties of the Harbor Patrol and, of course, tooted the horn a few times. We had a fun (and slimy) hands-on learning experience with some local sea creatures and then headed down the pier to learn about the local fishing trade. The tour concluded with a look at some live crabs in the fish markets. Three cheers for John Draper for taking time out of his day for CMC!


April Guest Speaker: Carla Hilliard & the YMCA

by S.

In April our guest speaker, Carla Hilliard Youth and Family Director for Penninsula YMCA Coastside, was dynamic and informative. Her presentation was filled with information regarding current programs offered to our coastside kids, as well as, future developments. Presently, YMCA Coastside offers an after-school homework program with a future goal of one on one tutoring. Also, Friday Night Live, a national program for youth, is currently active. This program teaches youth conflict-resolution, team building, leadership and organizational skills. Many of the members were kids who previously acted out through negative actions and now, due to this program, are channeling their energy towards social service and entrepenurism. Future plans to expand the program to all school-aged children is in the works. In May/June the Computer Club House will be up and running. This program, sponsered by Intel, allows coastside kids to expand their creativity through computer technology. Finally, the YMCA Coastside offers summer and school-holiday camps. The camps are offered at Moonridge Housing Complex and El Granada Elementary School. Moreover, one-on-one mentoring programs are offered to coastside kids who need an adult companion as a support system.

Carla was candid with the attending CMC members when she told us the biggest issue holding her back from implementing future programs was lack of staff and money. The YMCA Coastside is grant run and is in constant need of volunteers. We learned by offering a minimal amount of time one could make a huge impact on our coastside children. As Carla stated, "The YMCA Coastside is a work in progress". If you are interested in finding out more about the YMCA Coastside programs, volunteering, or would like to give a monetary donation, please contact Carla Hilliard 560-0099.


Playgroup Activity Ideas

by J.

Tired of the weekly house rotation? Looking for something new & exciting to do with your playgroup? Here are some ideas from one of our CMC Moms and if you have any new ideas, please let us know and we'll include them in the next newsletter. We would love to hear from you.

Last December our playgroup arranged for a tour of the new Half Moon Bay Fire Station. It was quite impressive. The Captain took time out of his busy day to give ten 2-year olds a very nice tour of the station and the fire trucks along with some fire safety tips. The tour increased our awareness of our neighborhood and how truly important and valuable they are. We felt extremely appreciative and grateful for the fire workers on the coast. We wanted to give them a big Thank you for their hard work and dedication! During our tour, we took some pictures and then we made a big poster sized thank you card with the pictures of the firemen and the kids. On the big poster we painted the kids hand prints and names. We also gave the fire crew some cookies and candy since they were very sweet to us! We truly enjoyed this outing and feel it is important to reach out to our community and teach our kids about community service.

Other adventures we've done outside the home include: 1) going to Habitot, 2) spending an afternoon at Chuck E Cheese, 3) visiting the Jungle, Bamboola, the Randall Museum, or the Coyote Point Museum. You can also 4) try bowling at SeaBowl, 5) go ice skating at Ice Chalet or 6) play in the sand at our local beaches (San Gregorio is fun!). Besides the parks here on the coast, you can try Central Park in San Mateo, Stafford Park in Redwood City, the park in Palo Alto, Discovery Bay Museum, Fairyland, Pier 39 carousel and seals, Oakland Zoo, Happy Hollow, San Francisco Zoo,and much more. During our Indian Summer hot time on the coast: we go to Lemos Farm, various Pumpkin farms, CMC parties, parks, beaches, pony rides.


March Weekday Outing

by M.

Twelve moms and 19 children enjoyed a fantastic walk along the Coastal Trail on March 14th. We couldn't have ordered better weather for a springtime outing on the Coast. Sunny and clear, we even needed to bring out the sunscreen. Moms and kids walked at varying speeds, sometimes stopping at scenic spots to look at the ocean. At other times, the two-to-three-year-olds charged ahead, running at breakneck speed, with moms and strollers trailing (not too far) behind. We started at Poplar Beach parking lot, heading north, and turned around near Half Moon Bay State Beach at Kelly Ave., where the kids had an opportunity for some fun tree climbing before we headed back to our starting point. The Wednesday playgroup moved on to Ocean View Park afterward for lunch and play. Though I have taken many walks on the Coastal Trail, this group outing was an especially fun and energetic time because of the sunshine and the opportunity to chat with one another as we walked along. Definitely an outing to consider again next spring.


March Working Moms Get Together

by J.

A gathering of the working mom's on Saturday March 10th at Café Classique discussed what the CMC can offer its working members. Our idea was to create a listing of helpers for all moms (working or not) from handymen and gardeners to daycare and nannies. So, if you have any useful names for our list, please email their name and phone number to any one of the working mom board members.

Also, please note that the working moms group is not only for moms currently employed. If you are considering going back to work or share the needs and issues of working moms, we welcome you to join in! Contact L., J.) and W.)


CMC Anniversary Party

by N.

What a great time we had at the Anniversary Party trying to figure out which famous women we were. It was a blast, thanks to all the old and new members who showed up. Another memorable evening!


Outdoor Idea: Take a Hike!

by H.

Do you need a fun, safe, scenic, childfriendly, good-for-company hike? We travel about 30 mins. south on Hwy 1 to Pebble Beach (just past the Rte 84 turnoff) and park in the circular lot. From there head south on the well marked nature trail; it's about a mile long and flat (not counting the 6-foot bridges. Watch out there are trolls under all 6 in my family). Along the way you will see seals in the tide pools, feel salt spray and hear pounding surf. For out of town company-this is a perfect walk. You will end up at another beach where you can have a picnic lunch and sometimes watch surfers in the protected cove. We often stop on the small beaches along the way back to look at the multicolored pebbles and sea glass.

Be sure to wear long pants to protect against poison oak when in season. If your children are not too tired, or if you are hungry, get back in the car and drive back north to Rte 84. Turn east and go about 3 miles to downtown Pescadero. Stop at Duarte's Tavern for Artichoke soup and/or great homemade pies and bread (you can make reservations). We do this little trip regularly with friends and relatives. There is something for everyone big or small. Happy Hiking!


Other Ideas?

Do you have a favorite child or mother centered resource that you would like to share? There are hundreds of moms on the coast who would love to hear about it! Whether it's an activity you and your child love to share, an educational resource that has benefited you as a parent or some wonderful section of the coast to explore, please let us know.

We'd love to compile a list of resources as an on-going reference for moms on the coast. Please send your resources to or call Juli Jasmer at 726-7436.


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