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Obviously, this Web site is a hodgepodge, but we did actually have a purpose in throwing these particular pages together and calling them the "Armadillo Associates Web Site".

Armadillo Associates, Inc.'s team of writers and developers is interested in solving challenging problems regarding interactions between computer users and computers. We choose to use the tools appropriate to solving whatever problem we are trying to solve.

This Web site consists of a set of pages created exclusively by us.

  • The topics were chosen because they are fascinating to us, not because they are part of our business plan. (Except that they are also the projects we work and play at.)
  • The words are ours, written because we love to write.
  • The pages are implemented in a variety of Web technologies, because the only way for us to keep up with Web technologies is to use them and see exactly how they work.
  • We chose to implement each page using the particular mix of technologies we considered appropriate for implementing that page. When learning to use a technology, we try to push the envelope to see where it meets our needs and where it is deficient.
  • The art design is ours as well. (We've observed artists who cried in frustration as they observed us try to draw a picture.) We happily work with artists and designers who have much better graphical impulses than we do. We don't get in the way of your design concept because we are not capable of it. If it can be implemented on the Web, though, we can do it for you.

Computer-based technologies are evolving at an exponential rate. Just when we've figured out what a buzzword means, what one particular technology is good for, either that technology changes or else a new, improved technology emerges. Every choice has benefits and costs. Specifications are promises; not every emerging toolset lives up to its promises. It takes experience with a tool to learn what it does well and what it does not do well.

We have the experience.

Internet Design & Development
Object-oriented software design & implementation
API Design & Evangelism
Efficient high tech project management
Evocative high tech PR
Perceptive Technical Reporting
Coastside Film Society
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