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Perceptive Technical Reporting and Analysis

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A Series of articles we wrote for Imaging Business Magazine

Some Articles We Wrote for Solutions Integrator

Microsoft Mainstreams OLAP   Solutions Integrator October/98
Healthcare & Voice Recognition: Just what the Doctor Ordered Solutions Integrator June/98
Healthcare & Thin Client Computing (Community Memorial Healthcare Hospital) Solutions Integrator June/98
Healthcare (LanVision/ASP) -- Imaging at Internet Prices Solutions Integrator June/98
Voice & Wireless Technology in Healthcare Solutions Integrator June/98
RAD grows up Solutions Integrator March/98
Start a Supply Chain Reaction Solutions Integrator June/98
OLAP (Good Things come in Analytical Packages) Solutions Integrator April/98
Start a Supply Chain Reaction Solutions Integrator June/98
Java Perks Solutions Integrator June/98


Other interesting stuff ...

TCP/IP Unleashed

TCP/IP Unleashed, for which we contributed a chapter, was listed in dbaker's Picks. dbaker claims, "All of these books are cooler than nugget's picks." What can we say? Some of our admirers just happen to be nerds. You can find TCP/IP Unleashed at

Book Reviews for Electronic Review of Computer Books

Java for C/C++ Programmers
Programming Windows 95 with MFC
MFC Internals


Hypertext/Hypermedia Handbook McGraw Hill Publishing 1991

We put The Hypertext/Hypermedia Handbook together a while back, before most people had heard about the Web. The suggestions we and our contributors made about how to structure information so it can be retrieved effectively electronically are more valid now than ever. Unfortunately, the book has been out of print for some time now. We do have some copies; let us know if you'd like to purchase one (we'll even sign it if you choose). We'll publish an electronic version sometime in the third millennium. Until then, here are some (recent!) citings:
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