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Punished by rewards 
Banning black trenchcoats is no answer to violence in schools 
Some strategies for dealing with bullies 
Lynn Loar Speaks Out About Violence 
Mothers Against Violence 
Parcel Tax 
School violence & bullying in general 
Structural violence 
Voices From The Hellmouth 
GT in the Bay Area 

About school violence (In response to Columbine)


Preventing bullying and school violence

In reaction, specifically, to Columbine (but still of general interest)

Jacqueline Mitchard's piece about Columbine on NPR's All Things Considered on April 22, 1999 began:
  My 15 yr. old came slouching in from school the day of the massacre at Columbine High wearing his black jacket over a t-shirt and his usual bored look.  I ran to him and held him for longer than I'd done since he was ten.  Until he eased my arms away and said, "Enough hugging, Mom. Don't worry.  I'm not a dangerous misfit, I'm just a nerd."

She writes lovely novels, too.

Voices From The Hellmouth Posted by JonKatz on Monday April 26, @12:26PM EDT:
  ...The big story out of Littleton isn't about violence on the Internet, or whether or not video games are turning out kids into killers. It's about the fact that for some of the best, brightest and most interesting kids, high school is a nightmare of exclusion, cruelty, warped values and anger.
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Punished by rewards / Banning black trenchcoats is no answer to violence in schools / Some strategies for dealing with bullies / Lynn Loar Speaks Out About Violence / Mothers Against Violence / Parcel Tax
School violence & bullying in general / Structural violence / Voices From The Hellmouth / GT in the Bay Area
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