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Banking Special Issue: Document Staging

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The Future of Bank Imaging

The green wall

Relationship Banking

Proof of Deposit

POD Case Study

Designing Forms for a Banking Environment

File Folders

Thrashing Folders

Staging Folders

Using COLD (a case study)

Check Processing: The need for Speed

Printing Your Own Checks

Check Processing 101

Images from the Fed

First National Bank & the Fed (case study)

Glossary of Bank Image Technology


by Joe Devlin

Document Staging - A Vital VAR Skill

Banking on Folders Part 3

Fine-tuning a banking HSM can't be done without a thorough understanding of the customer's workflow patterns. A key to effectively managing a bank's imaging resources is to ensure good document staging procedures are implemented.

The operations staff of a $100 million bank in Mississippi told visiting bankers that they don't recommend letting anyone outside of bookkeeping use the check image system because of all the problems caused by swapping optical platters," says Houston. "That problem is causing the bank to miss out on many of the reasons why they spent $350,000 on a check image system in the first place."

Staging" is a feature that lets an operator "order for tomorrow." In other words, if they know which folders and documents will be needed for future work, they can have them transferred from the jukebox to their hard drive during the night. This guarantees fast and consistent response time during business hours - the peak period for jukebox usage.

This is especially important if you are letting your branches use images. Resellers can't make the same amount of money helping a customer implement good staging procedures, but if word gets out that you are the sort of advisor who helps clients solve problems for less money, you just might be rewarded with a great referral or more business in the future.

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