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Emily Berk's resume


Areas of expertise

· Skill Summary

· Gathering Requirements

Software analysis & design

· Software Project Management & Implementation

· Social Network Development

· Web Development

· Design & implementation of developer tools

· Design patterns and object-oriented architecture

· Highly-technical technical documentation

Some of my recent analysis/design projects have included:
  • Architect/project leader .
    Designed object-oriented software architecture such that two separate and unruly development groups, one in San Francisco and one in Seattle could independently develop Flash, HTML, EJB, Oracle applications that came together with minimal integration effort. ( -- Sony; Spring - Summer 2000)
  • Internet application design
    Designed second-stage architecture and wrote functional specificationfor integrated Internet-based film production/costing application. (Zoomedia; Winter 1999 - Spring 2000)
  • Enterprise architecture analysis and design
    Participated in technical design of UI for EON, eStamp's Web-based postage stamp generator and in technical design and specification of the eStamp technical architecture and in technical design and specification of the eStamp API.
  • Design of speed-critical, database intensive publishing system
    Created technical specification/architecture/project plan for re-design of a CD-production process such that a huge legal database could be re-linked and stored on CD in the time allotted. (C/ SGML/Sybase/Folio) (Matthew Bender; Spring 1997)
  • Design and architecture of migration and speed-enhancement of telecom application
    Defined long and short-term enhancement strategy, wrote functional specification for major upgrade of cost-comparison application for telecom industry. Project involved interviewing all "interest groups" inside and outside the company to determine what functionality needed to be implemented, how it should be implemented and the migration strategy. (Salestar)