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Emily Berk's resume


Areas of expertise

· Skill Summary

· Gathering Requirements

· Software analysis & design

Software Project Management & Implementation

· Social Network Development

· Web Development

· Design & implementation of developer tools

· Design patterns and object-oriented architecture

· Highly-technical technical documentation

I also have significant experience in implementing and managing the implementation of the software I design:
  • Embedded systems
    Implemented host processing software and print-out for an embedded system that monitored brain waves of anaesthesia patients. First project was to port 12-year-old host processing code from pre-ANSI C to ANSI C using RTOS with few supporting tools. (An education in the value of structured programming...). Then, it was on to printing out brain waves in real time using RTOS. Had to interface with two other CPUs: one for user interface and the other for mathematical processing and with an HP printer's internal printing language for printing. Truly a project in which software bugs would adversely affect lives. Wrote code in C. (Moberg Medical)
  • Unix-to-Windows communications
    Designed and implemented software for UNIX-based teleconferencing server and a Windows-based client-side GUI. GUI was used by non-English-speaking, uneducated operators in remote, off-shore locations. Recruited, helped train and managed crack team of three other programmers. Wrote code in C++. (Syntellect)
  • Video-processing applications
    Project Leader in charge of software development for one of RCA Lab's DVI/ CD-ROM applications. Managed ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) who developed some modules remotely. Job involved game and software design, programming, human interface research, supervision of video production, and contract negotiations. Wrote code in C. (David Sarnoff Research Center, RCA, Princeton, NJ)
  • GUI design/development
    Developed user interface to pattern recognition software used for handprint recognition. Wrote document conversion software (e.g., TIFF to PCX), compression and decompression of bitmaps and files, and UI design and implementation. My Windows code interfaced with neural net code running on a transputer multi-processing board installed in the PC. Participated in design and early development of Windows-based front end for a pattern recognition chip. Wrote code in C. (Nestor)