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Emily Berk's resume


Areas of expertise

· Skill Summary

· Gathering Requirements

· Software analysis & design

· Software Project Management & Implementation

· Social Network Development

· Web Development

· Design & implementation of developer tools

Design patterns and object-oriented architecture

· Highly-technical technical documentation

In my software architectures, I opt for appropriate use of:
  • Design patterns,
  • Objects, and
  • Structured design.
This never precludes use of Rapid-Application-Development methodologies to implement applications.

The key is thoughtful design, leading to wise planning and realistic scheduling.

I've been programming in C since 1981 and in C++ since 1985 and, more recently, in Java, PHP, Flash and raw HTML. Even my assembly code is object-oriented when appropriate.

Because of my programming experience:

  • I know how to discuss technical issues with programmers;
  • I know what programmers can and can't do.
  • I know how long it usually takes developers to get modules done.

A whitepaper I co-wrote recently about how an architecture server implements design patterns (and why they are useful to developers) is available at: