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Emily Berk's resume


Areas of expertise

· Skill Summary

Gathering Requirements

· Software analysis & design

· Software Project Management & Implementation

· Social Network Development

· Web Development

· Design & implementation of developer tools

· Design patterns and object-oriented architecture

· Highly-technical technical documentation

I gather requirements by:
  • Interviewing users
  • Conducting focus groups
  • Creating requirements documents, and
  • Developing and testing prototypes.
I create functional and technical specifications and object-oriented program design for C++, Java and Flash-based Internet and non-Internet APIs and applications in fields that have included:
  • Multimedia,
  • Networked healthcare,
  • Teleconferencing,
  • Pattern recognition, and
  • Videoconferencing.

In many cases, going in, I know little about the technical, political or end-user issues specific to the industries in which I work.

To create functional specifications that some of my clients consider "perfect", I learned how to learn what was necessary from as many of my client's internal and external "special interest groups" as possible as quickly as possible.

I speak efficiently with various constituencies to learn:
  • What the software needs to do (prioritized functionality)
  • How it should do it
  • How to teach developers to use it, including design of GUI and examples when necessary
  • What the real budgets are for: time, money, resources and tools
  • What the development team can realistically accomplish given these budgets