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Areas of expertise

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· Software analysis & design

· Software Project Management & Implementation

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· Web Development

· Design & implementation of developer tools

· Design patterns and object-oriented architecture

Highly-technical technical documentation

I have written documentation for hardware, development tools (compilers, operating systems, authoring tools, artists tools, etc.) and vertical and end-user applications since 1981. Developer tools I have documented recently include:
  • AT&T's AnyPage API
  • Borland's Visibroker for C and Java (an implementation of CORBA)
  • Centura's API
  • EFI's print server API
  • iPIN eCommerce portal
  • Wakesoft J2EE framework

I also write slightly less technical whitepapers about sophisticated developer tools. A whitepaper I co-wrote recently about how an architecture server implements design patterns (and why they are useful to users) is available at:

My reviews of C++ and Java books are published at Dr. Dobbs.

My company, Armadillo Associates, developed a series of case studies describing how BlueMartini developers define and implement CRM applications for BlueMartini. To write the case studies, we had to identify the processes and features of the API used in each implementation and explain how to use them to a technical, but inexperienced audience. We interviewed nearly everyone involved in the process, from BlueMartini sales engineers, to Professional Services staff, to BlueMartini System Integrators to BlueMartini clients and even to end users of the CRM applications. We also ended up making suggestions for improvement to the staff involved.

And, as a writer of pieces for mass market technical publications, I have learned how to interview people about their business processes and technical needs. I have written reviews and thought pieces for many mass market computer magazines, including PC Week (now eWeek), Personal Computing, PC Computing, VAR Business, Reseller Management, and others. A partial list of my published articles is available at:

For more information about my documentation projects, please see:

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