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Trip Report: Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

by Fizzy Devlin, age 7

Fizzy has visited the Academy of Sciences many times. This report is about the time Fizzy visited the Academy of Sciences with the Wilkinson School, on May 1, 2002.

The first place we went to was the minerals and saw a bunch of crystals and we saw opal and malachite and copper and silver (Ag) and sulfur and quartz and dinosaur bone and goethite which was really colorful and gypsum and billions more rocks. rocks
aquarium And then we saw fish and there was a star fish sitting on the glass. And we saw the poor, dead animals and I did not like it. Then, we ate lunch and it was yummy. And we went on the grass. Then, we went to the aquarium and saw a billion fish and helped the lady pick up star fish and put them in the tank. Then we went to the skulls exhibit.

To be continued ...

The Academy of Sciences is in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

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