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Kayaking in Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz is about 1.5 hours' drive south of SF.


  • Ano Nuevo State Park
  • Kayak with whales
  • Natural Bridges State Park
    This park has some of the most diverse tide pools in the world. Naturalist-led tide pool explorations are available. Note: The water is very, very cold! And, check out the very cool rock formations. Located at the end of West Cliff Dr., Santa Cruz. Monarch butterflies overwinter here from mid-October through February.
    Call for more information (831) 423-4609.


  • Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
    A much friendlier boardwalk than Atlantic City's or Venice Beach.
    Arcades, junk food booths, candy store, a mile long beach.
    Rides include a carousel, the Big Dipper roller coaster and Glacier Run motion-simulator. They also have an indoor miniature gold course, Neptunes Kingdom Adventure Center, and a Casino Fun Center Supercade.
    400 Beach St., Santa Cruz.
    Call for operating hours and ride fees (408) 426-7433 or (408)423-5590.
Starfish at Natural Bridges
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