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Emily Berk's resume


Areas of expertise

· Skill Summary

· Gathering Requirements

· Software analysis & design

· Software Project Management & Implementation

· Social Network Development

· Web Development

· Design & implementation of developer tools

· Design patterns and object-oriented architecture

· Highly-technical technical documentation

As a designer, developer and documenter of APIs, I have been developing well-thought-out developer tools for many years.

I have extensive experience in gathering requirements, creating functional and technical specifications, and managing, designing, and evangelizing of developers' tools in C, C++ and Java and a variety of other environments. Most of my recent C/C++ work has been in Visual Studio/MFC, but as a consultant I've learned to adapt quickly to new compilers/development environments.

I've worked on platforms ranging from embedded systems to DOS to Windows to various forms of Unix. I have done a little work on Macintosh, but not much.

My degree (Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society) is in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

My experience qualifies me for challenging work as an API designer, developer, highly-technical documentation writer, or QA engineer.

There's more detail in my resume, which is at:
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